“Every living thing is a performance - even you”


I can answer what this form of photography means to me. It means that I have images, hundreds of mages, of the people I love being exactly as I remember. I am able to look back at the photos I have taken of people no longer with me and know intrinsically how it felt on the day the photo was taken. I see familiar expressions on their faces, I see them eating and drinking just as I recall. I see familiar backgrounds behind them and the unique mannerisms I grew to love. I can look back on photos of people no longer with me, or children now grown, and see both the beauty and imperfections that made them unique. I want you to be able to do the same.

I want you to have photos of yourself, your family, your loved ones, as you are but presented in the most beautiful way possible. I want to draw on my skills as a photographer, an artist, and a social worker to provide you with photos that are so much more than a curated version of you. I want to capture the little things within your life as I see them and pass these back to you to be shared for years to come. I want the photos to be able to transport you back to that time in your life. You won’t see posed photos of yourself in places you have never been before and will likely never go again. But you will see familiar faces that will conjure up smells and sounds and feelings that are particular to you and your family. 

I want to provide an experience that is as relaxed as everyday life. I want your children to be themselves, to forget about my camera, to get on with being who they are. I want you to make and drink your tea, clean your teeth, read a book. I want the baby to nap, to cry for her parents, to be comforted and rocked and then I want to present it all back to you so you can see the beauty of your every day because I promise this version of you is your best.