I’d like to be an author. My mother is an author, but I am no good with words. So instead, throughout my life, I have told stories through illustration and photography. 

Photography has been a constant companion. As a child I pored over images in books, always interested in the pictures of people from around the world going about their day to day lives.

As a teenager I began to photograph the lives around me - my parents were foster carers, and I began to document the babies and children that came to our home. I did this with an awareness that the length of time that they were with us was unknown and the photographs gave me something to hold onto. Now, as a mother, I’ve come to realise that time takes all children and so I continue to document. 

Throughout my adult life I have worked as a Social Worker. I have been with people during the most tragic and the most joyous times of their lives and the day-to-day lulls in between. The people I have met through my work have greatly influenced my understanding of family, childhood, and my overall view of the world, and it is this view that allows me to capture photos of people in a way that transforms them into art.